People have been underestimating Nicky Love her entire life-limiting her, dismissing her, stereotyping her: pretty woman, chick singer, party girl, and model. She knows the label's and she knows how they obscure the person behind them. She knows how they prevent people from understanding the very real struggles she's gone through.

Nicky Love is a strong and resourceful woman who has emerged triumphantly from all the challenges that have faced her in her life. Her debut album "Honeyvision" is a statement of purpose. "It's about being your-self after years of pretending to be someone else," she says. "I was lost for quite a few years, in one way or another and "Honeyvision" is about finding your way back, I guess. This album was a way of saying," look, this is me; this is who I have been all this time." It took me a long time to have enough confidence to pursue my dream, which was to make an album that was truly me and that I was truly proud of."

Nicky was signed to DreamWorks' records by music legend Robbie Robertson, who then teamed her with producer Marius De Vries, whose credits include Bjork, PJ Harvey, Annie Lennox, Massive attack and Madonna. De Vries was also the musical director for the movie "Moulin Rouge".

Nicky and DreamWorks parted company in late 2001. She was then asked to be guest vocalist for trip-hop legend "Tricky". Nicky had always been inspired by the music of "Tricky" and agreed to go on tour with him. They performed in numerous cities all over the U.S, Canada and Europe. "That was another dream fulfilled," she says.

Nicky Love has plainly and finally-reached the place she illuminates on the track "Daylight Tripping," where she sings, "I'm exposed, but I'm not afraid."